A Child's Place maintains written policies that guide our approach to major issues and provide a common understanding of many practical and safety related issues. Our policies reflect current state and federal regulations as well as best practices in early childhood educaiton. We suggest that all parents become familiar with our policies and we encourage you to contact your child's head teacher or the Executive Director if you have any questions. Our programs and policies reflect the contributions of all involved and are updated regularly to reflect parent feedback as well as changes in state and federal regulations and best professional practices.


A $30.00 non-payment fee will be charged on the last day of each month if the current tuition payment has not been received. In addition, a finance charge of 18% annually will be levied on any payments not received within 30 days after they are due, plus bank charges if checks are returned. If payments are outstanding, your child may not attend the center until payment is received in full.

We cannot stress strongly enough that we count on your timely tuition payment to provide the center with the cash flow needed to maintain the programs.